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WVBA 24 ----

The world's most heavily defended border sees Mike Tyson and Piston Honda duel for the World Circuit strap, while Little Mac and King Hippo try not to embarass themselves in the undercard.

WVBA 23 ----

Mike Tyson and Piston Honda attempt to weigh in for their World Circuit title fight.

WVBA 22 ----

Soda Popinski and Great Tiger are forced to build up their total fights as Bald Bull and Von Kaiser try and dry out in time to fight with any dexterity.

WVBA 21 ----

"The Boston Tea Bag Party" delivered a lumpy sack to the face of boxing fans everywhere when Super Macho Man and Glass Joe headlined a card that also featured Bald Bull and Mr. Sandman.

WVBA 20 ----

"The Comeback Trail" features an undercard rematch between Little Mac and Von Kaiser as well as a main event showdown from the newly dethroned champions, Soda Popinski and Great Tiger.

WVBA 19 ----

Mr. Sandman and Piston Honda had their long-anticipated rematch in the "Tango in Tupelo," but were only serving as a mere appetizer for the title bout between Soda Popinski and Mike Tyson.

WVBA 18 ----

Great Tiger put his Major Circuit belts on the line against Super Macho Man, while the undercard featured Little Mac and Glass Joe on Wednesday Night Fights.

WVBA 17 ----

King Hippo, Bald Bull, Super Macho Man, and Little Mac were all in action in Montana on Wednesday Night Fights.

WVBA 16 ----

Don Flamenco returns with his second installment of "The Dish."

WVBA 15 ----

Piston Honda and Von Kaiser served as the undercard on a title night in Moscow where local lightning-rod, Soda Popinski, defended his title against Mike Tyson.

WVBA 14 ----

Glass Joe squares off with Bald Bull in the undercard, while Mike Tyson and Mr. Sandman look to become the #1 World Circuit contender on a Friday night in Omaha.

WVBA 13 ----

Soda Popinski appears as a contestant on Blind Date. Tomfoolery and groin shots ensue to the delight of the proletariat.

WVBA 12 ----

Great Tiger and Bald Bull headline "Fear the End of the Year" as they battle for the Major Circuit belt.

WVBA 11 ----

Bald Bull and Great Tiger sign the contract for a title bout on the 30th of December.

WVBA 10 ----

Piston Honda is profiled following the denial of his appeal of the Mr. Sandman ruling.

WVBA 9 ----

Mike Tyson, Von Kaiser, Mr. Sandman, and Piston Honda were all in action on the fourth installment of Wednesday Night Fights.

WVBA 8 ----

Don Flamenco and "The Dish" make their first appearance at Leonardite.com.

WVBA 7 ----

The third installment of "Wednesday Night Fights" featured two big matches: Little Mac vs. Von Kaiser and Bald Bull vs. Super Macho Man.

WVBA 6 ----

The Leonardite profiles Von Kaiser and also gets a small interview with him regarding the events in Istanbul.

WVBA 5 ----

Piston Honda and King Hippo square off in the second version of "Wednesday Night Fights."

WVBA 4 ----

Bald Bull and Von Kaiser soil the WVBA with its first scandal.

WVBA 3 ----

Super Macho Man does battle with Glass Joe, while Mr. Sandman and King Hippo square off in the main event of the first night of boxing in the WVBA.

WVBA 2 ----

WVBA rankings drawn and assigned.

WVBA 1 ----

World Video Boxing Association launched on Leonardite.com.

[| ) World Circuit
Mike Tyson (4-1)

#1: Great Tiger (3-1)
#2: Piston Honda (3-2)
#3: Mr. Sandman (3-2)
#4: Soda Popinski (2-2)
#5: Von Kaiser (2-3)

[| ) Major Circuit
S. Macho Man (4-1)

#1: Glass Joe (3-2)
#2: Bald Bull (2-4)
#3: King Hippo (1-4)
#4: Little Mac (0-5)