Hola amigos! Me llamo DON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I get started talking to you crazy people, I would like to point out one thing about “The Dish.” “The Dish from DON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” will be coming to your computers as often as I find time in my busy schedule (dancing, making sweet love to Carmen…..where does the time go! LOL). But it is important for me to point out that while I am on Leonardite.com now, I am not nor will I ever be affiliated with the World Video Boxing Association. And just because Leonardite.com is partnered with Doc and his silly little promotion, doesn’t mean that the site can’t feature commentary from those outside the federation. Therefore, I was just tickled to death that the Leonardite offered me a chance to share my thoughts. With that, let the dish be dealt……….or is that served? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Little Mac vs. Von Kaiser:

Were you not in shock? My goodness, I am not talking so much about Little Mac’s loss as his grotesque appearance! Can you believe the…..the…..slobbishness with which he presented himself? My gracious, Carmen was absolutely appalled by the appearance of such a boor. I cannot believe that people didn’t get him confused with King Hippo.

But concerning the fight, I was none surprised. True, true, I lost many, many times to Mac during my days as a WVBA fighter, but he never was that good. For me, I had to protect myself for the planned post-boxing career of bullfighting (Which didn’t occur, but that’s a story for another time that really chaps my behind). Mac was simply outclassed by that big brute from Germany. Von, look sir, you can go out and come off as this maniac. You can go out and act like a fool with all your “boy” friends if you want, but look at how you conduct yourself.

I mean, what is up with that haircut? That looks like a rug that my poodle, Barnito, took a leak on! I mean really! And your talk? Making fun of Glass Joe all the time? That is so 1988, Von. Get with the program, sheesh.

But really folks the level of poor hygiene and poor demeanor is enough to make me cringe and giggle all at once. Everyone can sit here and talk about how good they are, but nobody has hair like me. Nobody has the suave personality of me. Did I mention how much the WVBA needs me? I really noticed it during this fight:

Bald Bull vs. Super Macho Man:

Was this supposed to be a fight or did someone decide to air footage of my hair-filled drain? These two looked like, dare I say, mierda (Pardon my Spanish). And their fighting? Simply embarrassing! I must say I could not believe how much I was in terror while watching them fight! Come on, boys!

And Super Macho Man, I need to talk to you because you are starting to tickle me the wrong way. All this talk about your perfect hair is just about enough to make me want to come out of retirement and prove you wrong, buster. But again, I said just about. I have no desire to come into the federation with Doc and the boys, seeing as how he treats them as circus animals. But that should be no surprise considering Doc looks like a bear himself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And he smells like one, too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can you believe how much I am funny man?

But seriously, I had no good feelings about the fight with Macho and Bull. The two are overgrown buffoons, the likes of which Carmen would never put her hands on. Not for one second, don’t you even think it.

Many of you are also wondering what it is that I do these days to occupy my time. What a silly question, LOL!!! I am so busy, I hardly am able to keep my hair flowing in a perfect manner. So don’t you worry your little hearts about it, because Don is now living inside your computer!!! HAHAHAHA! Could you imagine? Imagine what it would be like to have Don inside your computer, I mean? I would hardly have a place to dance! And where would Carmen stay, LOL!

As far as other WVBA business, I think it is funny that King Hippo is 0-2. If ever there were a brute, it would be him. He wears a crown to the ring! How tacky is that?!?! I cannot hardly stand my eyes when I see that faux pas. But I kind of like him, I mean, how can you not feel bad for someone whose waist conquers the elastic in his trunks!? HAHAHAHAHAHA! So funny. So keep fighting, Mr. Rhino (That was a joke, his real name is “Hippo” but I said Rhino like clever man.) Maybe you’ll get to fight Joe one of these days! Or possibly even Doc, LMAO! You’d destroy him!

Unfortunately, amigos, the dance floor calls me to my sweet, Carmen. I would urge you not to follow the WVBA nonsense, because I will give it to you right here on this site! How much perfect is that!?!

Until next time, this was another delicious dish of DON!!!!!!

Considering the surprise nature of Don Flamenco's hiring and Leonardite.com's partnership with the World Video Boxing Association, it was deemed appropriate that WVBA President Doc Louis be given a chance to respond to Don's first column.


At first I was downright pissed off to high heaven that the Leonardite would let that sissified Spaniard spit his peace on this good site, but after reading that B.S., I think his idiocy speaks for itself.