Hola compadres, es your favorite online genius, Don Flamenco! It had seemed for some time that the buffoon in charge of the once-great WVBA, Doc Louis (“Doc” is short for “doctor”….DOCTOR STUPID THAT IS!!! LOL!) was set to run this great federation into the ground. After spending just a silly amount of money to have his savage fighting event in the land of those communist monstrosities, the WVBA fell on hard times. Times were so tough that I had organized a group of investors to buy the struggling brute haven, but Doc was unwilling to part with his organization.

I figured that fool would quickly see his company go out of business and I would buy it and make it into a dancing league instead of a boxing federation, but apparently Doc has found the money to keep going. Oh well, it’s his money he’s wasting! LOl. Besides, now I get to write here on the super-swell Leonardite.com website page and make fun of him! How great is that!? Is it not the greatest!? My intuitions say it is.

People have been wondering what the WVBA boxers have been up to. DON’T YOU PEOPLE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT! HAHA, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over these overgrown apes. But since I am the most stylish and most supreme journalist that the WVBA has ever known, it is up to me to tell you. The rankings are all staying the same from where they were before. That’s too bad……….BECAUSE DON SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE!

Could you imagine Doc’s face if that happened? I mean if Don was the #1 boxer!? Would that not be the best?

It would certainly be a lot better than the alternatives, which have a red-hued drunkard vomiting all over the World Title, while some sort of unkempt magician Houdini fraud holds the other belt.

There is good news, though, because the toughest, most fearsome fighter left in the WVBA is the top contender in the Major Circuit. That’s right, amigos, GLASS JOE, from the roughest, toughest land next to Barcelona (that’s France, in case you CHUMPS didn’t know, LOL) is ready to take the diaper off of Great Tiger's head and win that belt. That is what we are all looking most forward to!

So the WVBA boxers begin bumping into each other again in the ring next week. I tell you, I’d rather bump into Carmen in…..OH! You thought I was going to tell you, didn’t I!? This is a family column! LOL! Besides, Carmen would be so embarrassed. I dance only for her.

Where was I? My hair? Hmmm, no. Dancing? Yes, but no. Ah yes…

So Wednesday Night Fights comes back next week. Is that supposed to be a good thing!? LOL! But the card features Little Mac, #5 in the World Circuit against Super Macho Man, #2 in the Major Circuit, in the main event. The undercard has the #3 Major Circuit boxer, Bald Bull, taking his flabby ignorance into the ring against the worst boxer in the land, King Hippo.

Don’s Predictions

They all act like sweaty savages! LOL! But in all seriousness, I expect that Macho’s style and debonair ways will pound that filthy New Yorker into next week (Could you imagine if that actually happened!! Mac would know all of next week’s news now! I would get lottery numbers from him! Woo hoo!) And in the other match, Bald Bull and King Hippo will fight to see who is ugliest and Bull will win since he is the ugliest. Just like I said would happen. Because I am smart.

Until next time children, this has been another delicious dish of Don. Ciao!

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