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NFL Archive

02/01/08---The Tecmo Super Bowl: Super Bowl XXLII has been renamed, out of sheer, awesome, necessity.

02/09/07---Use Your (Phillips) Head: It's hard to find a reason for anybody to cheer for America's team, but after the heat that Wade Phillips has taken after being named Dallas head coach, the Leonardite has found one.

09/16/05---Football Fighting: My Observation: The Leonardite takes a brief look at an issue that has never gotten the attention and analysis it truly deserves.

04/22/05---Draft Dodger: The Leonardite was going to sit down and watch the draft this weekend, but he has some photosynthesis to watch instead.

02/03/04---Bombs, Bombs, and Bombjacks: A true rarity, this year's Super Bowl was exciting and delivered a lot of great moments. Get more of your Super Bowl coverage overkill here. (NFL)

01/16/04---That's Blatant Hypocrisy: In this guest contribution, a fellow Leonardite reminds us all that planned celebrations in football games are nothing new.

12/29/03---With Deepest Sympathy : A collection of the typical nonsense rambling that accompanies the all-too-common Vikings failure.

11/26/03---"Hello caller, you have no life": If there's anything more uncool than fantasy football geeks, it's fantasy football geeks who have call-in shows.

11/18/03---Just Give 'Em the Damn Keyshawn!: A Cowboy hater makes a desperate plea.

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