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Indy Racing League Archive

The IRL Record: The Leonardite has insisted that the Indy Racing League puts on the best show on asphalt (or concrete.) And contrary to what you might believe, he isn't alone. This the ongoing record of quotes supporting that very claim.

5/30/03---87th Indianapolis 500 Gloat Session: (Transferred from the main page) The Leonardite recaps his Indianpolis 500 picks.

5/25/03---We'll Be There.....Somewhat: The Leonardite briefly examines Chevrolet's atrocious 2003 IRL effort AND throws in his Indy 500 predictions as well!

5/21/03---Why Indy Rules: A Beginner's Checklist: The Leonardite gives a "For Dummies" summary of the Indianapolis 500.
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