• Back when I was younger, there was hardly a hobby that I enjoyed more than collecting baseball cards. There was nothing like taking your $1+ to open up a pack of ten. You never knew if you would get that special Bip Roberts card or a sweet-looking number that disappointingly featured Chris Hoiles on the front. When I think of the reasons why I quit collecting, a couple things stand out. When I started, you had your basic companies: Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck, etc. But now, you have all these special editions. Topps Stadium Club, Upper Deck Steroid Collection, Leaf Corked Bat Crew, etc.

In the end, though, I think the thing that drove me away were the pictures. These days, you get all these exciting action poses with guys doing cool things. Way back when, you'd get a picture of guy who had bad nose hair or profanity on his bat and they'd still go to the presses with the picture anyway. Here are some of my favorites:
AL West

Anaheim Angels
Geoff Zahn

Oakland Athletics
Bruce Bochte
Don Mossi

Seattle Mariners
Pete Ladd

Texas Rangers
Darrell Porter
AL Central

Chicago White Sox
Lamarr Hoyt
Cal McLish

Cleveland Indians
Bud Anderson
Don Mossi

Detroit Tigers
George Alusik

AL East

Boston Red Sox
Mark Clear
Steve Ellsworth
Luis Rivera
Bob Stanley

New York Yankees
Rich Gossage

NL West

San Francisco Giants
Ed Whitson
NL Central

Chicago Cubs
Ron Davis

Houston Astros
Bill Doran
Claude Raymond

Milwaukee Brewers
Bryan Clutterbuck
John Henry Johnson
Jerry Reuss
Billy Jo Robidoux
Jim Slaton

Pittsburgh Pirates
Jim Morrison
Junior Ortiz
NL East

Atlanta Braves
Cliff Speck

Montreal Expos
Zane Smith

Philadelphia Phillies
Bake McBride

Link: A couple cards were sent to me that originally appeared on the following site. Go here to view them in their native habitat.

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