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College Football Archive

12/08/05---Eat, Drink, and Beat Navy: Me getting to go to the Army/Navy game was pretty lucky, but I admit that getting to watch it from the cadets' section is downright unfair.

10/24/05---The "Golden" Gophers: When you are touting your record in bowl games played in El Paso and your non-conference mark against Louisiana schools other than LSU, you are in considerable trouble.

02/11/04---Buffaloing the Recruits: In the midst of the sexual deviance controversy at the University of Colorado, the shocking discovery is made that college kids drink beer. In extreme cases, they even do it under the age of 21. Your parents have all been notified and will be giving you a ride home as soon as they can.

01/06/04---(Seeking Title Sponsor for this Article): I really wish they'd end the college football season with a football game instead of an infomercial.

12/12/03---Unsolved Mysteries: Think the BCS is the most confusing thing in sports? It's not even the most confusing thing in college football.

10/15/03---Benedict Leonardite: Sometimes undying devotion to a team needs to be overlooked so that we can all enjoy the villains in sports get what's coming to them. If only Yankees fans could figure this concept out...

9/9/03---My Week with Grizzly Adams: Is there anyone you'd rather spend the week with? Two weeks ago, I would've named just under 1,000 people. But after one amazing week, that number is significantly smaller.
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