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If you think the glory days of the WVBA were when Little Mac casually suggested his homosexuality and Mike Tyson was in top raping condition, then allow Doc Louis to give you a kidney punch back to reality. Before they were making pornographic volleyball games and Mortal Kombat rip-offs, the brains at Tecmo gave birth to the greatest football game known to man, woman, and beast. Check it out before Bob Nelson kicks your ass.
Nobody ever said crime was easy...especially super evil crime that is opposed by some nuclear-reactor spawned turtles. Get your ninja training and watch out for sledge-wielding cyborgs and other guys in Halloween costumes. In addition to being served growth hormone in their Happy Meals, baseball players today also get good pictures of themselves on baseball cards. Take a glimpse of what players looked like when lifting Eric Gregg was the only way to pump up.

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