March 2, 2006
Name: Brady Helmer
Location: Fargo

neil...good to see you over the other night, nice work with the sight although you could use a section on the mighty ducks, the huskies got the measles.....they forfeit the season.

My career goals center mostly around stealing a pre-adolescent hockey player from his friends and known surroundings and then quacking in my defense at my boss.

May 1, 2006
Name: Martini

Jordan will be here for Saturday night brawl at the Turf. We need to solidify a posse.

May 1, 2006
Name: The Rooster
Location: Economics 201

Reading your final writings about the J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!, I am slightly disappointed about you veiw of the season. Blind faith is much better that logical and rational thinking. I slap you with the giant hand from StarFox.

Professor Larry Mack:
See, if it's a monopoly on oil, we have to regulate it. But if it's a monopoly on hula hoops, who cares?

Aprili 30, 2006
Name: bjertness07
Location: hickson

Coach Neil...

This site has truly caught me off guard. So there I was sitting in school... checking out some random, completely off the wall website and I realized it's none other than yours. Effed up? I think not. I commend you on a kick ass site... keep up the good work. By the way, I would direct you to my "blog," but I decided to spare myself the humiliation on having such a cliche personal diary meant for the world to read. Or so you have made obvious in editorials on here... See ya at the next home game, I think?

-mike b

I used to waste a lot of Kindred High School class time looking at good webpages. I'm glad that the tradition continues and that those webpages are now made by me.

April 30, 2006
Name: The MCL

I'd also like to point out that I spelled publicly wrong. Finals, 30 page papers and AP format have totally ravaged my ability

While 98% of e-mail correspondence and 98.5% of web pages receive no form of proof-reading, I find it admirable that you're at least taking the time to do it for guestbook submissions. Gotta start somewhere.

April 30, 2006
Name: The MCL
Location: back in Jimtown

The Rooster and I conversed your mad ability to publically humiliate mentally handicapped individuals in the young ladies department in J.C. Pennies this weekend. Top that.

I wrote my last piece lambasting mentally handicapped inviduals in an old lady's apartment by JC Penny's.

April 29, 2006
Name: Jeff George

Your just jealous of me because I get to throw to Jessie Hester and Bill Brooks.

I'm more jealous that you get to hand it off to Ivy Joe.

April 28, 2006
Name: Chewmaster
Location: Fargo

I just wanted to remind everybody that Team Domination lived up to its name this past Wednesday night. In taking the flag football world by storm, Team Domination won the 2006 North Dakota State University 7 on 7 passing league.
Check out the new uni's

Whoa! Instant Repair!:

April 24, 2006
Name: professor g-spot

this is how life goes leonardite. when you're a kid you will get picked on and go to mexico and hit acid. if you die in a war you'll have a helmet and banner and your buddy loves shaving soap. if you die in despair you'll take your heart and pick off the scabs and then you'll give a back rub, put it to sleep and it'll transform. if you get old you'll be wrinkly and you'll sharpen your sword and go senile and talk to calendars. you'll put on your slippers and go through the back door of death.

If there had been more memory space available, long-winded answers like this would have replaced the old man from Zelda's memorable one-liners. While Link, knee-deep in Darknuts, desperately asks about where to find the ladder, the old man goes off on an incomprehensible tangent that touches on everything from going in the back door to soap and listening calendars.

April 23, 2006
Name: Diddy
Location: The Cap

Mad props on the latest Insight From the Leonardite. Well Done.


April 20, 2006
Name: In2DaBMage

Lets all raise our beers and toast to the fact that I got my first all 84 MAX team on Baseball Stars.

I'll raise a bottle of Crown to this. While the rest of you are sending me pictures of your cats and talking about some really obscure nonsense, this visionary brings some pertinent information to the table. Many bonus points if the bullpen is staffed solely by players whose names are synonyms for the male anatomy.

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