November 27, 2004
Name: Electric
Location: Detroit, Michigan

Do you think the Lions should start Mike McMahn over Joey " champagne and cherries" Harrington?

Well, neither is going to affect their win/loss ratio at all, so it might be more exciting if they started Shane McMahon. He might not complete many passes, but at least he'll let people throw him off the scoreboard a few times.

November 23, 2004
Name: The_Duck
Location: Kojack's/the tavern

I'm curious to what your recomendation would've been for Ron Artest punishment?

Just for the record, I think 30 days in the electric chair is a good start? to harsh? how about forcing him to use Kenny G on his next album?

I'm pretty happy with what was handed down. But more importantly, I can't be the only one who when looking at the picture Sheepdawg supplied for his article, expects Farooq Artest to start singing "We are the NATION! OF DOMINATION! NATION! OF DOMINATION!"

November 17, 2004
Name: Tuskahoma Marlin

Hey Leonardite, I think a nice touch for this site would be to have "The Bears Still Suck" jingle play in the background on the main page. After all, they really really really really really really suck.

As if the legacy wasn't embarassing enough, now they're coached by a guy named "Lovie."

November 1, 2004
Name: The_Duck E-mail:
Location: midget wrestling in Alice bar

With the upcoming election I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the Rock The Vote campaign. I say...stay home you idiots. Why do we want morons going to the polls to choose our leaders? What's next Al Toon for president?

+++++where have you gone Lita Ford?

I agree with this post so much, it's hard for me to fathom a scenario in which my level of agreement would actually increase. The only way this is possible is if you had included some sentences like "Kevin Butler is a butthead and he sucked" or "I believe life is just one big game of Survivor and the only real winner is the naked gay guy."

And for the record, I remember hearing about the midget wrestling in Alice and not being able to attend. I felt the last bit of self-respect I had left disappear faster than two dwarfs Swanton-bombing the midget version of Vince McMahon. (The rest of my self-respect had left earlier when I viewed the movie "Jumanji")

October 29, 2004
Name: Sheldon Rulz

If Dennis Green leaves Leonard on the high road, traveling west at 3 mph, and Dennis Byrd leaves Sheldon on the low road, traveling east at 2.6 mph, when will they meet and what will be the result?

For many years scholars struggled to find Dennis Green on the high road, despite his claims that that's where he'd be. It was later determined that by high road he meant "Buffet." That would be the collision point if Byrd were on the high road, but he's not, so Dennis will continue to inhale his wings in peace.

Since Dennis B. is on the low road, he won't run into Dennis Green. Knowing his history, the best bet is that he's going to end up colliding with Scott Mersereau at some point.

October 27, 2004
Name: Baseman
Location: in my house

Leonardite: the email, checked it should be.

I've got it. I'll put it up one day when I'm too lazy to put out material of my own. Thanks again.

October 22, 2004
Name: The Mercyiles Man
Location: an airport terminal

I have traveld to yur website in the past and was throughtely disapointed in it. I will not come back. I am Merciyless.

This pitiful display of intermediate spelling is courtesy of your United States military, people. This post alone should convince you to stock your closets with assault weapons if these are the scholars we have waging wars for us.

P.S. Pick up a "Fedner" before you get back.

October 19, 2004
Name: Ralph Hagar

Are you a fan of Benny and the Jets?


When it comes to Bennies and Jets, my allegiances lie here and here alone.

October 18, 2004
Name: Jenny E-mail:

Hey. I see you are a fan of the JETS. That is awesome! I don't have anything else to write....

You're not the first person to think this, but just because I think that 8-bit Dennis Byrd should be the next UN Secretary General doesn't mean I'm a Jets fan.

That's like assuming that since I think Zitz is a tough mother on Battletoads, I want to name my first born after him. Then again that's a bad example since regardless of gender, that's exactly what I plan to do.

October 12, 2004
Name: Rocky Hagar
Location: Boston Mass

This site blows.

Lesson #1 in impersonating somebody:

Learn the correct spelling of both the name and surname of your target. Jackass.

October 9, 2004
Name: Simon Belmont
Location: TX

This is the Leonardest site in the world. Great stuff as always.

It's not quite as Leonard as "Jon Jon's House of Hijinks" or "The Many Tales of Caesar and Paul Harvey" but it's something I'm working on.

(Links coming soon)

October 2, 2004
Name: The Duck
Location: middle of Woods

so tell me Leonardite...if a train A leaves Enderlin at 5:05PM traveling west at 45mph. Train B leaves Davenport at 106 mph travelling east. Where would they cross? and for dollar more whose driving train B?

A trick question. They wouldn't cross because the Soo Line runs through Enderlin, while RRV&W services Davenport. If I had to guess the identity of the engineer, a small part of me strangely thinks that it just might be one in the multitude of friends of Joe Satrom.

Also, a "thank-you" goes to Baseman for sticking up for me in the post above. He had no reason to know this post wasn't legit.

September 16, 2004
Name: fro from

Just came by to say that this is an awesome site. Keep the good working coming.

Anyone with a Tecmo shirt is okay in my book.

September 16, 2004
Name: The Duck
Location: migrating

Jack H...that old guy that used to run the service station at Sheldon? I can take him...bring it on. Is that all you've got?

September 15, 2004
Name: The Duck
Location: migrating over Woods your against me then!

well let me tell you one thing I've learned Mr.Leonardite: it takes a big man to cry--and an even bigger man to laugh at the man that is crying! LOL LOL LOL LOL :)

Jack Handey is going to sue your ass if he gets wind of this entry.

September 10, 2004
Name: The Duck
Location: Woods or West Fago...depending

Leonardite--we all need a cause. I will now boycot the Lifetime channel until NASCAR is recognized as an Olympic sport...that'll show'em.

Your either with me or against me!

I was all about to dig out the rebel flag and crush a Pabst over my head in support, until I realized what I would be missing if I boycotted the Lifetime Channel. I can't miss out on programming like this:

"Meg Johnson (Susan Sarandon), the devoted mother of twelve and holder of two jobs, discovers that her husband skipped a family function to go to a baseball game. She decides to take matters into her own hands by castrating him and convinces her neighbor to do the same after learning that her husband looked at a Playboy in the seventh grade."

September 4, 2004
Name: The Duck
Location: Woods

i dont' know about you Leonardite..but i think this computer stuff is just a fad....ya know like the hula hoop

And the designated hitter.

August 27, 2004
Name: The Duck
Location: Woods

Ah Leonardite....they are all wrong. Life is not short. In fact for most it's the longest thing we'll ever do.

The longest thing I've ever had to do was watch Jon Bon Jovi try and pretend that he was a sailor in U-571. I even saw an interview in Blender where Methuselah felt that most of pre-history was over in a snap compared to sitting through the steel-horseman's debacle.

July 18, 2004
Name: Von Kaiser
Location: Berlin, Germany

You idiots here at Leonardite and the WVBA have my age wrong. In your profile of me, you said I was born in 1945 which is right, but say my current age in 2004 is 63. 2004 minus 1945 is 59, dumb***es

Knibb High Football rules.

June 29, 2004
Name: Will
Location: the universe

why don't you ever update the Tecmo section of the site? Get with it man!

I do it just to personally piss you off.

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