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Saturday, March 27, 2004

What we have on display today is a super nutrition freak who likes to watch lots of movies. I did not even know that you could be both things. I thought that people who watched movies all day ended up getting fat and all health nazis ended up selling juicers to the movie watchers late at night when they were drunk. But as Narcissus428 shows us, apparently a guy really can be both at once.


'There is absolutely nothing that tastes as good as being thin.' - my response to why I diet

"Douche bag." - my response to douche bag's response

This guy is a tool in the truest since of the word. As if none us could possibly care any less about his movie watching or mouth-filling habits, he has to chronicle them meticulously so that we can read every horrible detail That's basically what his whole blog is, watch some stupid movie that he critiques like he is Gene Siskel reincarnated and then go on and tell us the calorie content of the flounder he had at supper time. If this sounds like an exciting thing to read about, I highly recommend you step outside into the world and meet an actual person instead of dating some 40 year-old male online that you play Everquest with.

According to Narcissus, these four things are his main area of expertise:

2.Carb Consumption/Calorie Intake vs. Protein Intake/Calories Burned
4.Jacobean Drama

There are traffic signs I would rather party with than this guy.

Food Narcissus Should Avoid:

Food: Big Mac
Negatives: High fat and calories

Food: Lard
Negatives: 100% fat

Food: Battleship
Negatives: Low in potassium

Food: Roseanne
Negatives: Too much fat, especially in the head and stomach areas

Since most of his postings are the same, I'm just going to put a sample up and let the idiocy speak for itself:

Cals Today:
Sausage = 250
Bun = 100
Lettuce w/ vinegar = 5
water = 0
3 cookies = 250
Total = 605.... it's 1pm.

Cals Today
yogurt - 60
water - 0
lean ground beef - 250
yogurt - 60
2 oreos - 150
total = 520... it's 3:50pm

Cals Today:
campbell's chicken noodle = 125cals
med size orange = 100
cup of jello = 100
lettuce w/ white vinegar = 5
med size orange = 100
grill chicken breast = 250
Done today: 680... g'nite everyone!!!

Calories Today:
orange = 100
water = 0
2 palm sized steaks = 450
aspartame yogurt = 60
english muffin = 170
lite kraft singles slice = 40
diet vanille coke = 1
junior mints = 256 (yiKKES)...
different aspartame yogurt = 100
Total = 1177... it is 5:20pm right now... CRAP....oh well tonight I'll be fully concentrating on my essays... I will force it to end at that. The Junior Mints costed just too many calories...

Calories Today:
english muffin = 170
lite kraft single slice = 40
yogurt = 100
med. orange = 100
water = 0
hotdog = 150
2 big bowls Mickey Mouse Magix cereal = 550.... JEEZ
total = 1110cal, it's 5:20pm, right now... I don't know what JUST happened but I had a bit of my bro's Mickey Mouse Magix cereal, and the next thing I know I downed 2 bowls of that a rabid wolf!! stupid cereal!

Hold on, chief, apparently you have just shattered your own theory. There is something that tastes better than being thin and it is Mickey Mouse Magix cereal. You can go home now, fraud, and let Mickey start authoring your blog since he clearly kicked your ass today.

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