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Friday, March 26, 2004

Today it's time to take a stroll into one of my favorite blog categories, the college-aged girl. These blogs are usually categorized by:

1.) The conclusion that the author really sucks at school
2.) Some sort of problem with a certain male or all males
3.) Way too much information about their lives and what's going on around them

As you have probably gathered by now, it is #3 that makes me love this category of blog the most. Our victim, er, subject for today....


afnaeangel8 is 20 year-old college student from Illinois. She's most interested in going to Fred's and her expertise is being a great and fun loving person. Apparently she missed the ruling two years ago that said only Markie Mark and I have the power to confer the title of "great person" upon someone.

From her blogring membership, we can also tell that she attends a college in Illinois. Now, if this doesn't signify the blog culture perfectly, I don't know what does. Just take a look at the spelling of the blogring:

*~Southern Illinois Universtiy-- Carbondale~*

At least only two idiots signed up for the Southern Illinois Universtiy ring.

Thursday, March 25, 2004
Hello World. I am just sitting here at the library debating whether I want to finish my math homework or not. Sure I probably should since it is due at 12 which is in like 50 minutes but is it really worth all the aggervation to finish approximintly 20 problems or so when they total up to a value of 1 point. Yes you read that math homework is only worth 1 lously point yet we have to do AT least 15 problems a week... now tell me that is not crappy.

It sure is crappy, girlfriend!!!!!!!!!! Doing fifteen problems for one point definitely isn't worth your time, but wasting your precious to inform us of this sure as hell is.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

This jovial fellow works at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If he kept a blog (which he should), I bet it would read something like this:

"Man, it was crazy today. First of all, I was making my daily rounds through the parking lot and then I saw that everything looked okay, all the cars were still in their spots. Then I went back later and they were still there. Then I saw a dog pee on a tire and I tried to stop him, but then seeing him made me get the urge so I helped wash it off, too. Still nothing like the one time Tom forgot his staff shirt and people disregarded his traffic advice. We had fifteen cars filling all the spots in a 25-car lot. It's days like those where you question if the fame and glamour of being the Division Commander is really worth it."
Ok I know I have said before that I don't really believe in horoscopes and just read them for fun but part of my horoscope from yesterday is just really freaky and it scares me to think what if it could be true although it probably isn't.....I mean, how often are these things actually right? Anyways here is what it said: "Romantic rivals hunger for the ultimate capture. Before you both make fools of yourself, ask if the object of your mutual desire is leading you on. You could be doing better with someone who doesn't play these games".....Alright, why does it have to talk about being led on and playing games or am I just taking the messgae and twisting it in the wrong way then it is supposed to be taken? I don't know, I am just really confused and I just wish I had something to go on...anything..just so that it would help me to make sense of everything that has happened and been happening. Just when I had thought I had things figured out, I'm thrown for a loop. I guess that is just one of the many little gifts life likes to give us...even if they cause us to sometimes pull our hair out trying to figure them out. Hopefully one of these days I will have made sense of things...LOL ya right. Well I gtg..maybe I will add more later. Hope you have a good day :)

So you had life figured out until you read your horoscope and now your life has been thrown into mass confusion. If that isn't stupid enough just thinking it to yourself, you took the time to announce your idiocy to the world in your pleading, desperate tone. Here's a newsflash: None of us want to be friends with you because our horoscopes told us we shouldn't and I also went to a fortune teller who said your butt was fat.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
So how was my day you ask? BBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH...............Yeah I think that about describes it...

Thanks for taking the time to fucking tell us that.

Thursday, March 26, 2004
Ok how sweet is this? I was talking to my friend Tim online earlier and in his profile it said "6 days gone without it!" He gave up drinking for a girl that likes him b/c I guess she feels like she can't trust him when he is drunk (he did something pretty bad..but don't worry Tim there is still hope!! TRUST Me lol) I think that is so cute and sweet that he is trying to change for her. I want a guy to do something sweet for me or to care about me so much that they want to be a better person because of me.

Look, Tim, I don't want to tell you how to run your life, but I don't think there is any girl that is worth sacrificing the magical powers of beer for. I mean, maybe you'll get to hold hands with her once or twice or grope her without getting arrested, but is it really worth sacrificing some of life's most precious moments like this?

Tuesday, March 16, 2004
So how was my day you ask? Wow. I really write in this thing way too religiously. Give me a notebook and tell me to keep a jounral and I would never write in it but have one online and I type away..hmmm.

You probably should look into getting the notebook after this...

Ok so here is my retard action of the day: I decided to take a walk earlier which turned into roaming around Koger with Ash and Meg....anyways we get there and are going to walk in the store after going through the first set of doors out of habit I go up to the door on the right. So I am standing there right and the damn thing won't open. Well I move to the side a few times and after it still won't open I procced to try and pry it open with my hands all while I am muttering why I can't figure out why it won't open. Inbetween Ash and Meg laughin their asses off, I hear Meg say, "Well maybe if you noticed the HUGE yellow sign that says 'Door closed at 9pm, use other door." Yeah I am an idiot but it was pretty funny. So that was my retard moment of the day. Okay well I think I am either gonna hit the sack or mess around on yahoo so I will ttyl.

First of all, the store is Kroger. We don't even have those stores here and I can still spell it correctly. Secondly, your retard moment of the day was not the wacky door hinjinks you displayed, but rather that you wasted all of our time by telling it to the world. If sneaking glances at Seventeen Magazine has taught me anything, it's that the only "retard moments" that girls have either involve them crapping their pants in class or eating their tampons when their crush is unexpectedly looking on.

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