Wrestling fans by nature are a very defensive group. Whenever somebody makes a derisive comment about the business, a hardcore fan is sure to snap back with some angry retort. There's a problem with this, however, and that is that in addition to being defensive, most wrestling fans aren't that bright. Subsequently, they use a lot of stupid comebacks to try and defend themselves. My favorite one happens to be,

"Yeah, wrestling might be fake, but the wrestlers could kick YOUR ass."

Thanks, Einstein. I've seen Scott Steiner push press 300-pound men over his head before, but I had never really realized that if I met him in a fist-fight he would kick my ass. Thanks for pointing that out, I was just about to go to the next event and call his mom a whore.

Wrestling is an event that if you don't get it, you probably never will. I do not advocate anybody watching it and thinking that Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are going to fight because one wants to actually fight the other guy. I do advocate people watching it because there are more things to laugh about, both intentionally and unintentionally, than any scripted comedy show can provide.

The truth is, it's the ridiculous things that make wrestling totally spectacular. Even though I am anything but a regular viewer anymore, I'm sure every show still provides a few moments that will leave enough laughs to satisfy your unrocked funny bone. Don't call me a "hater" or "not a real fan" because I said that Kevin Nash can't work anymore. If I didn't pay attention, I wouldn't remember stupid things like Dean Malenko dressing up as a fucking pumpkin to win the Cruiserweight title or Booker T changing his name to G.I. Bro.

Basically, it is probably more fun to reminisce about old wrestlers than it is old baseball players. A guy can only discuss Steve Garvey for so long, but the mileage you can get out of Fit Finlay memories goes on forever.

In short, don't waste my time with e-mails because you hate wrestling or because you think I do. At least here it's not a secret that the athletes are roided up (like baseball) and that the plotlines are fabricated (like the NBA.)