It's not too often that wrestling referees get recognition for something other than getting "accidentally" hit in the face with a garbage can or for being completely oblivious to Villanos III through VI illegally switching in and out during six-man tag matches. But then again, it's not too often that a superstar like Charles Robinson comes along.

Charles Robinson is one of the few referees in wrestling history to not only be featured in an angle, but in a prominent one (and people wonder why WCW is out of business.) For Robinson to make this leap is a pretty remarkable career advancement, because according to a study released by the US Department of Labor, wrestling referee is one of the most hazardous and underappreciated occupations in this country.

US Dept. of Labor's Most Dangerous Occupations

1. Shark orthodontist
2. Quadriplegic infantryman
3. Underwater weightlifter
4. Kevlar vest tester
5. Professional Wrestling Referee

Robinson was undoubtedly chosen to move up to the big time due to his bizarre if not thoroughly entertaining ring demeanor. Most referees watch the matches like fans. When I say this, I mean that most referees don't act as though they are getting their innards ripped out of them with every single move that the wrestlers perform. Robinson, however, is not like normal referees.

No sir, Chaz is always one to react to each and every move. When somebody gets lifted up, Robinson sends his hands skyward and then jumps back like the ring is going to collapse when the guy falls. When somebody takes a punch, he winces like he just threw a rock at a bully and is now ready to have his face beat in.

It has gotten to the point that whenever Robinson refs a match, I can't pay attention to the actual action because I am too busy watching his crazy reactions to every move. The perfect example would be the famous match in Atlanta when Goldberg beat Hollywood Hogan to win the belt for the first time. While the crowd is up on their feet waiting for Goldberg to spear the Hulkster into next week, I'm too busy watching Robinson threaten his career and livelihood and by twisting his body in shock when the spear actually occurs.

Can you imagine if normal people reacted like this to the stuff that happens to them at work? Grade school teachers would wince every time a kid cut a piece of paper, garbage men would curl up in a ball while stuffing bags full of trash, and proctologists would fucking jump in a vat of sulfuric acid before having to properly react to their line of work.

Real Name:Charles Robinson
Birthdate: 7/2/1964
Promotions: WWE & WCW
Titles Held: World's Greatest Dad (as stated by a novelty coffee mug he owns)

WCW Career: Robinson's greatest claim to fame occurred in the year 2000, when he was involved in an angle with Ric Flair. You see, the Nature Boy was "in charge" of WCW at the time and therefore decided that the best way to solidify his power would be to make his right-hand man and bodyguard a 150-pound referee. So enthusiastic in his following of Flair was Robinson, that he was quickly given the nickname "Little Nache" by the announcers.

Well, Ric Flair began to go crazy and began butting heads with WCW commissioner "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (a.k.a. "The Hot Scot") Things finally came to a head one night in Fargo, North Dakota, when Ric Flair was committed to a mental institution and Charles Robinson was in charge of WCW for Nitro that night.

And brother, I was in attendance that evening. That's correct, fans, the one night in professional wrestling history when a referee was in charge of the whole damn show and I was fortunate enough to be there.

The highlight of the night was definitely when the "Macho Man" Randy Savage made his comeback and his harem took to humiliating Robinson by stripping him to his underwear, leading the guy next to me to say, "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, what I wouldn't give to be him right now." Truer words by an intoxicated wrestling fan were not spoken that night, except by the two really drunk guys who kept yelling "THE ARMSTRONG BROTHERS ARE CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!" as they kept bamboozling the ref in their match vs. Raven.

Eventually the angle went away somehow and Robinson went back to being a referee, but he still does have the honor of being the Little Nache and of being stripped to his boxers in Fargo by Madusa and Gorgeous George.

WWE Career: Robinson continues to have seizures in the ring following every airplane spin and fireman's carry.

Fun Fact: Charles Robinson refereed the final "big" match in WCW history, the match between Ric Flair and Sting. This means that not only did he feature prominently in one of the angles that helped kill the company, but he got to be there when it was officially taken out behind the barn and shot dead.