Kevin Nash is the only person in the world who played both SEC basketball and a super villain who fought mutant turtles. On top of that, he also wrestled a little bit, albeit very poorly.

Kevin Nash is never going to be remembered for his five-star matches. In my case, I'm probably going to remember him most for his great rants on the Playstation video games, WCW Nitro and WCW/nWo Thunder. But what most of the wrestling fans will probably remember him for is his ambiguously homosexual relationship with Scott Hall.

This has been kind of an unspoken thing over the years, but you know that there were people questioning whether or not the Outsiders were gay. Between Scott Hall wearing skin-tight denim on more than ten occasions and Nash going by the nickname "Big Sexy", one couldn't help but silently speculate whether or not these two exhibited their best one-on-one wrestling on their own time.

If they were going to put a picture of someone who was never in the nWo on this poster, I would have picked the Silver King before Goldberg
Surprisingly this was not brought up more often, but the reason why is that the Outsiders were a couple of tough sons of bitches. In fact, they are undoubtedly my favorite tag team of all-time despite the fact that Kevin Nash never could wrestle that well and Scott Hall was going through alcohol withdrawals every time he was in the ring.

Kevin Nash will forever be remembered as a legendary wrestler, though. During the height of his WCW run, there was no denying that he was a true and worthy champion. This is also the company that put belts around the waists of Judy Bagwell and David Arquette, however, so take that however you want.

Real Name: Kevin Nash
Birthdate: 7/9/1959
Promotions: WWF & WCW
Titles Held: WWF & WCW World Titles along with being named the raddest Super Shredder of the 90's

WWF Career: Kevin Nash's large-scale wrestling debut came with the World Wrestling Federation. Back in these days, Nash wrestled under the nickname Diesel. Diesel was pretty much your standard badass, designed to gain the affection of truck stop workers in his quest for wrestling dominance. Diesel won the WWF World Title three times in his career.

During his time in the WWF, Diesel was mixed up in a little group known as "the Kliq." While most members of the Kliq are pretty cool by WWF standards, the whole idea of the Kliq is kind of ludicrous because it extended beyond the storyline. These guys were apparently so enamored with each other that they referred to their group as the Kliq even when it didn't relate to wrestling and would give shout-outs to one another during interviews when they were in rival promotions. If this doesn't strike you as juvenile, maybe the fact that they didn't invite the Ultimate Warrior to their birthday parties will.

These guys are often credited with destroying a lot of stuff in wrestling, but if their behind-the-scenes politicking kept us from seeing "Mean" Mike Enos become World Champion, then I'm not going to be one to complain. However, if their politicking cost us the chance to see other non-wrestling celebrities win World Titles, then I'm going to call my Congressman.

WCW Career: When Diesel's contract ran out with the WWF in 1995, he signed on with their rival, World Championship Wrestling. The ultra-creative WCW booking team came up with the name "Kevin Nash" for him and he debuted just a few weeks after Scott Hall (Razor Ramon, Alcoholics Anonymous Member 38293) had shown up. The two then took it upon themselves to take over WCW as if they were still outsiders to the company. This led to Hulk Hogan turning heel, joining them, and forming the nWo.

(This was also a great moment because of all the crap people threw in the ring. That was a WCW staple. Something piss you off? Fire something into the ring. I remember watching a main event tag match where the wrestlers were slipping in the ring because there was so much garbage. Nothing beats the time that I saw Nitro live, however. When DDP beat Sting in the main event, the fans were irate and somebody actually threw a lit smoke bomb into the ring. I would like to have shaken that man's hand, but I was too busy looking for a smoke bomb of my own)

At this point Nash was riding the highest that he ever would in his career. In exchange for his full allegiance to the company, Eric Bischoff had his lips surgically attached to Nash's ass and let him do whatever he wanted wtih his character (which explains the four title runs.) Nash at this time also began to truly unleash the devastating power of.......THE POWER BOMB!!! (See below)

A poll of wrestling journalists determined that the Nash action figure has a better workrate than its current real-life counterpart.
Nash also took on the unofficial moniker of "Big Sexy." Once this happened, it became very tough to like Kevin Nash. I mean, the guy was a sweet character and a genuine tough guy, but if you say your favorite wrestler is "Big Sexy" there is probably a good chance that you will be taking a rottweiler to the prom.

Eventually the nWo fractured into two factions where Nash shined with the Wolfpack. Then WCW started to swirl down the toilet and Nash rode it all the way down, bathing himself in money and buying Scott Hall some Pabst when he was short on cash.

WWE Career: Nash came back after to the WWF (E) after leaving to WCW for most of the nineties and the early 2000's. His original comeback came with the original nWo (Nash, Hall, Hogan) and he came back under his real name due to the fact that celebrated sex offender Cecil "The Diesel" Collins had copyrighted the name and launched his line of "Rapewear: Street Items for the Thuggified Rapist." Things started off well as the nWo started terrorizing people and Nash began to make his presence felt again. But then Vince McMahon took a big hot karl on Nash's career after turning Hogan face at Wrestlemania X8 and firing Scott Hall for doing a keg stand during the company's annual meeting.

Nash then had to try and go nWo-less, something he hadn't fully done since his Diesel days. Things were a smashing success, however, as he lost a hair match to Jericho, was jobbed so hard to HHH that even his family shunned him, and then finally suffered an injury that pretty much ended his career.

Finisher: The Power Bomb, one of the most feared moves in wrestling history. Nash used it to nearly decapitate the grossly overweight Giant in a match. The move was outlawed and the Giant vowed to castrate Nash with a rusty spoon for his actions. But then the Giant joined the nWo not too long afterwards and the two hugged and patted each other's asses gleefully as every wrestling fan in the country exclaimed "What about your neck, dipshit!?!"

Fun Nash Facts: Before Nash was Big Sexy Giant Paralyzer, he was just an average basketball player at the University of Tennessee. Pictures of him also reveal that he hadn't yet met his future wife, Ann Abolic-Steroid. His other claim to fame came in the Oscar winning picture, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze. While taking a supporting role in this film to the ooze, Nash still managed to shine as the world famous Super Shredder. The fact that no one ever bought the rights to the character for him to use as a wrestling character is not only disappointing, it is the biggest tragedy since Torrie Wilson's father died from having too much sex with Dawn Marie.