I didn't write this. I wish I could have, but it's impossible. No amount of drugs, taunts, or bribes could get me to produce something this wonderful. I found this on a computer in one of the campus labs my sophomore year in college. There was no name unfortunately, but it's pretty safe to assume that a broom wrote this paper. Keep in mind that this was written presumably for college credit, unless our anonymous Shakespeare was penning masterpieces just for his own enjoyment. I'm left with only one question after reading this: If weed is so bad, why he smoke it and write essay?
Smoking weed

Smoking weed is the number one for students in the age of 18 to 25, so that what I would like to change in the college community. So I am concerned about that subject for many reasons; the students are losing their future, waste of time, and affect others. As living in dorms makes me see that more than 70% of the students smoke weed anytime and any location.

First, smoking weed is a problem to let the students forget how to face their own problems in the school. So the students instead of facing their problems, as a group they will start smoking weed. Because they think that weed is solving their problems. I think that they know smoking weed makes them forget the problem just temporary, so from that point I am saying that is the beginning of losing their future.

Second, as we know that smoking by it self is wasting of time, so that makes smoking weed waste for time too. For me instead of smoking I go to the gym and start exercise. That just from my opinion, others do many things like reading, watching TV, playing indoor games, visiting friend, and chatting on MSN. So, the result of smoking is wasted for time.

Third, any kind of smoking has second-hand smoke, so weed has it too. That what make me upset, who smoke weed donít concern about others health. If they know that weed is bad for the health why they smoke it and if they want to smoke it they should but a concern for others health. I think the person who want to smoke he should smoke in a place that he own, not a place that he can share with others.

What I am writing here that smoking weed is no good for our college community. So as I gave from a personal experience that smoking weed is no fun to do ant also has a lot of affects on the smoker and around him. So I will try very hard to change that think in the dorm which I live in.
You may write to the United States Department of Education at:

U.S. Department of Education
c/o Smoking Weed
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202
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