Final Score
Jets: 3
Bozeman: 1


Game Highlight
The win, I guess

It's far more often than not that I get on this magnificent journal and tell you all about an action-packed Fargo win that kept us on the edge of our seats for most of the game. So you can't fault the team for every once in awhile putting on a dud of a game. That was exactly the case on this night. It was a boring clutch-fest both ways that featured just adequate enough goaltending to keep the other team from lighting the lamp too many times.

Don't get me wrong here, the Jets still won which was nice to see. In fact, the reason the game was as uneventful as it was is because the completely superior Jets team just suffocated their last-place counterparts.

But in addition to having the face-rockingest website in the northern plains, I also have high expectations for my Jets games. I need a Jets win, yes, but I also need some random fighting in either the ice, the stands, or the parking lot. And if I get all three, then I will empty my wallet over the glass because the team will have given me more entertainment than you can put a price on.

None of those things happened tonight. What did happen? Let's get to the incredibly detailed game synopsis.

The Game

Well, after consulting the game sheet to try and recall the specifics of the game, I somewhat remember what we got ourselves into. I tried to talk a couple of hockey virgins into coming to the game with us, but they declined at the last minute. Probably a good thing they did, because there's no way they would have come back if this was their first hockey experience.

I'm going to call this a purist's game. Like a 3-1 baseball game, it took a die-hard hockey fan to go home and say, "Man, that was fantastic." And when I say "die-hard hockey fan" I really mean "remorseless liar." Andy Stricker was his usual fabulous self allowing only one goal. Again, this "allow one goal" arrangement that the Jets have been sporting recently is making it very hard for opponents to defeat the Jets, obviously.

The Jets clinched the game in the third period with the third goal of the game, essentially putting this one out of reach. The crowd around us did a nice job of trying to taunt Bozeman for being in last place, but I wasn't really buying into it. I mean, they knew that they suck. If they couldn't tell by the litter of "L's" in their record, then my website and voice certainly weren't going to convince them. So nice try, Detox Section, but I'm only awarding a:

It was hard to get inspired. Don't be hard on yourselves. You'll do better next time.

Final Thoughts

Hey, it was the opening night of a double-header. I have a sneaking suspicion that this was just laying the groundwork for tomorrow. Plus, Sheepdawg got to see his first hockey in quite some time and I had some adult beverages before the game that helped keep me a little more entertained. Factoring this into the equation, I guess there's no reason to complain at all. Should have come with us, slackers.

The Leonardite 2005
Dedicated to The Stick