Final Score
Jets: 7
Bismarck: 2


Game Highlight
Walski Gets Yanked

This is yet another game that is lost a bit in memory for two factors: A) I've been to two other hockey games since this one was played and B) It wasn't that good of a game. You won't hear complaints from me, however. After being forced to be the subservient and abused little sister of the Bismarck Bobcats (also referred to as their "bitch") almost all of last season, a win against them is sweet. And a blowout win is extra sweet.

But this one wasn't overly great, especially for a Bismarck game. Sure, it was ruler night and I did get a pretty sweet measuring device out of the deal. But I was at the game with only one another person and he was sick, so that hampered the group atmosphere. I also bumped into an old classmate which gave me a diversion from the blowout, but also took my mind off the game for awhile. None of this is shaping up to be prime game-watching conditions.

Another thing also finally came back to bite the Jets on this particular evening. With the area colleges in the middle of their break, very few of the collegians were still around to come to the games. Few of them still would drive from home like we did to catch the game. Subsequently, the crowd was half of what was there for the Minnesota game. The ones that were there were very excited and exuberant, but they still only brought the spirit score to:

Spirit score's in here, fool

With the Pounder brightening someone else's day and a smaller crowd in the house, there's no way that number could have gotten higher on this evening.

The Game

The entire community was in a frenzy over Jets ruler night. The promotion was anticipated to be so popular that the ticket takers went out of their way to ask if you actually wanted the ruler or not. Not want the ruler? How could I not want the ruler? Unthinkable.

I've been busy measuring all kinds of things that normally wouldn't be or shouldn't be measured. I now possess a mystical tool which can give me the length of ANYTHING in the world, as long is it is only twelve inches long or less. But the best part is the feature right in the middle. While I'm busy measuring like a carpenter I may start wondering what I'm doing, but then I look down and go "DUDE! THE JETS RULE! IT SAYS RIGHT HERE!"

You can't measure team spirit. But if you could, I bet the device would resemble my bright red ruler.
It was an ambush from the beginning with F-M jumping out to the early lead and basically ending the game before it got started. There was one particular goal that stands out as the one that really got the ball rolling.

The player who scored slips my mind, but there was a puck that got through rival Bismarck goalie Aaron Walski and was creeping across the goal line when the light (correctly) went on. Walski then grabbed the puck and flew off the handle, shaking his head at the goal judge, the referees, and his slow left hand for not stopping the puck and subsequently forcing him to try and cheat. Because of this, frustration settled in on this guy who in the past had been beaten by the Jets about as many times as Matlock has lost a trial.

The goals kept coming, we kept cheering, and finally Walski, with cartoon mushroom clouds coming out of his ears added for effect, was yanked. The Jets continued their dominance finishing the game with a 7-2 win but sadly, decided not to fight anyone. I'm not sure if everyone was in the Christmas spirit or what the problem was, but fans of blowout hockey have come to expect two gentlemen formally introducing themselves.

Other Notes

It might just be a direct result of Bismarck sucking horribly this year, but there were a dearth of Bobcat fans there this night. I understand that it is the holiday season and they might have been busy, but these people would have driven their fan bus with their feet a la Fred Flintstone last year to make it to a game. Of course it's always easier to be fans of a winner and they were the Borne Cup Champions last season, or as I like to call them, The Totally Ultimate Supreme Hockey Playing Champions of the North Americas.

Of course the wild card in this whole thing might be the fact that the Coliseum crowd is now powerful enough to drown out their old, annoying legion of fanatics. In fact, there are some elite vocal regulars showing up in the detox section that I would put up against anyone else's drunk loud guys.

It would make for some great matchups to see this year's Jets crowd versus last year's Bismarck crowd. That's why it sucks that Bismarck is terrible this year.

Wait a minute, that doesn't suck at all. Good for them. Haha.

The Leonardite 2005
Dedicated to The Stick