Neil says:

I am speechless. I canít believe that a letter like this would be written at all, much less from a teenage boy. Nobody with a penis thatís always been a penis thinks that cheerleading is as grueling as football. Also, football injuries are often gross and unsettling, whereas cheerleading injuries are always hilarious and loads of fun for the crowd.

Dan says:

John, you little bitch. Iím guessing John got the shit beat out of him every other day the 15 years of his life. He makes a weak case in his letter and doesnít support his main fact that cheerleading should be a pro sport, which is such a ridiculous comment that I canít comprehend it. You know what John, getting your ass beat also takes a lot of energy, so by your standards you are playing a sport when you get beat up. It is the only one you will ever be a part of.