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Levothyroxine, also L-thyroxine or T4, is a artificial way of the thyroid hormone thyroxine, which is normally secreted near thefollicular cells of the thyroid gland. It is also employed to treat thyroid hormone deficiency, and occasionally to abort the recurrence of thyroid cancer. Like its consequently secreted counterpart, levothyroxine is chemically in the chiral L-form. The allied cure dextrothyroxine (D-thyroxine) was tempered to in the past as a treatment as a replacement for hypercholesterolemia (pre-eminent cholesterol levels) but was withdrawn apposite to cardiac side-effects.
Thyroxine was sooner individual in disinfected structure in 1914 at the Mayo Clinic by means of Edward Calvin Kendall from extracts of hog thyroid glands.[3] The hormone was synthesised in 1927 aside British chemists Charles Robert Harington and George Barger.
Medical uses
Levothyroxine is typically used to handle hypothyroidism.[4] It may also be utilized to treat goiter via its ability to humiliate thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), a hormone that is considered goiter-inducing.[5][6] In 1992, President George H.W. Bush told television play the host Larry King that he had been prescribed levothyroxine as corner of a treatment regimen for Graves' contagion; the exchange was broadcast abide to disciple dish owners tracking and recording backhaul channels.[7]
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